Clinical Practice

Broadway @ Yew Chiropractic & Massage

  1. Clinic Phone #: 604-738-1021
  2. Days: Saturday

MSK Westside Kits Vancouver (painPRO Clinic)

  1. Clinic Phone #: 604-683-7246
  2. Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
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Sport-Specific (On Location) Assessments

  1. Individualized & sport-specific functional movement assessments within your activity environment!
    1. Complete assessment of fundamental movement skills.
    2. Identification and correction of movement faults.
  2. Movement cueing, active rehabilitation, and manual therapy are used to optimize movement.
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Nutritional Therapy

  1. Includes dietary and supplement advice.
  2. Is considered within the broader group of lifestyle factors, including sleep, stress, physical activity, and relationships.
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Chiropractors are primary healthcare providers who diagnose, manage, and prevent conditions involving muscles, joints, and the nervous system. They are musculoskeletal specialists who seek to address the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction.

Nutritional therapy is a multifaceted and individualized approach that encompasses dietary modifications and nutrient supplementation. It includes the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural compounds. Nutrition is just one key ingredient that is part of a broader group of important modifiable lifestyle factors (including sleep, exercise, stress, and relationships), which have a strong influence on health and wellness and risk for disease.

Functional Medicine is a dynamic, science-based, and personalized approach to assessing, preventing, and treating complex chronic disease. Therapies are individualized and seek to restore health and improve function.