A group of international osteoarthritis (OA) experts identified 21 key patient messages regarding OA. Here is the first set of messages concerning disease knowledge, taken directly from their article.

Disease knowledge

  1. OA is not just a disease of the cartilage but affects your whole joint including muscles and ligaments
  2. Joint damage on an xray does not indicate how much your OA will affect you
  3. The symptoms of OA can vary greatly from person to person
  4. OA is not an inevitable part of getting older

Stay tuned for more messages related to management, physical activity, and more.


French, S., Bennell, K., Nicolson, P., Hodges, P., Dobson, F., & Hinman, R. (2015). What do people with knee or hip osteoarthritis need to know? an international consensus list of essential statements for osteoarthritis. Arthritis Care & Research, 67(6), 809-816